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Books by Edward Sarkis Balian include:

=The Graduate Research Guidebook, 4th Edition, please visit: www.GraduateResearchGuidebook.com

=Buddha Plays 18, please visit www.BuddhaPlays18.com

=Buddha's Back in Tee Time

=Buddha's  Change Your Driving Distance, Change your Life

=Buddha Meets the Beatles

ALL BOOKS AVAILABLE AT: www.amazon.com

Q-Stat Group Management Consulting (Since 1977)

Since 1977, specializing in ISO-9001 quality certification consulting and market research, Q-Stat Group has had over 80 clients including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Kelly Services, Gemological Institute of America, FTD Florists, Scripps Hospitals, Providence Hospitals, Consumers Power Company, Substance Abuse Information Center, Tenneco Oil and many others. Please visit: www.QstatGroup.com



35+ YouTubes:  visit a sample here: https://youtu.be/CqzeuzMXYv8  

FOR THE SILVER SKY ORCHESTRA (Movie/TV Soundtracks/Ballets/Modern Dance)

Over 15 YoiuTubes, please visit:


Edward Sarkis Balian is co-founder (1977) of the George-Edwards Group and founder (2000) of the Silver Sky Orchestra. With music sales on Drag City Records (Chicago) in over 70 countries, please Google us for more information or visit: www.DragCity.com

Edward Sarkis Balian==Fine Art Photography

Edward Sarkis Balian's photograhy specializes in fine art photography and photojournalism (silver-based and digital). Thousands of images are available for purchase, license or gallery shows. Portfolios include: "Silverscapes," "Portrait Playhouse," and "Along the Way."  Edward is former Features Editor of Shutterbug magazine and is former Owner/President of Balian's PhotoWorld magazine. Contact esbalian@gmail.com

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